“All Hands” Retreats

Having completed one of our firm’s quarterly “all hands” retreats, I want to express my gratitude. Everyone contributed, and everyone obviously cares about what we are doing. Jessica West is completing a major case organization and tracking project. Ruston Imming jumped in, offering to work with Jessica to really make it happen. Terry McGrath clearly, concisely and confidently presented her projects and concerns. Cassie Glanville and Cyndi Hitsman offered to help us better understand certain cutting edge software and whether/how it might really work for us. Deanna Cerda added facts and information when needed and maintained organization. Erin Schaden put the whole thing together and kept it moving in her inimitable way.

I am grateful — the teamwork and commitment means everything. That’s why we created HLG in the first place!

We will maintain our cohesion and positive approach as we proceed toward our imminent second office in Santa Barbara (more on that later). That is a major part of what makes HLG unique. We will mindfully protect that going forward.

Real success is gained through achievement and fulfillment. Through our team efforts we are already achieving, with an impressive string of case victories and satisfied clients. I also want everyone fulfilled in what they do and how we approach things. I saw a lot of both reflected at our above retreat, and I continue to encourage our team to express their bright ideas toward progress.