AAML Second Annual TBS Seminar

Our Southern California Chapter of the AAML presented the second annual Trial Basics Seminar on April 15, 2016 in Orange County. The TBS is aimed at less experienced family law lawyers. We present this to reach out to our community, improve the skills of less-experienced family law lawyers and give back to our profession. We…

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Appreciating 2015 and Anticipating Progress in 2016

HLG started one year ago, and with a bang.  Our first new case involved hot litigation in Los Angeles against Beverly Hills/national powerhouse, Kolodny Law Group.  We eventually achieved great results for our client and thus passed our first big litigation test. In the meantime, we were literally building and painting walls, installing computers, replacing…

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Returning “the Law” to Family Law

Litigants reasonably wonder why parties, witnesses and even attorneys can sometimes seem to “get away” with shading the truth, fudging the facts and outright “testilying.” I have previously caught opposing parties doctoring personal checking and business records. Recently, an opposing party in one of our cases submitted into evidence “cut and pasted” portions of text…

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I have seen the worst examples of DV in my cases and HLG takes it seriously. We agree with National AAML President James McClaren that “we should all take the time to be even more mindful about the ways in which we can offer leadership within our communities toward…

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