“Disruptive Change” Needed Toward E-Discovery Competence

“Disruptive Change” Needed Toward E-Discovery Competence Electronically stored information (“ESI”) is information that is stored in technology having electrical, digital, magnetic, wireless, optical, electromagnetic or similar capabilities. Electronic Discovery, or e-discovery, is the use of legal means to obtain ESI in the course of litigation for evidentiary purposes.  Together, they constitute interesting and important considerations…

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“All Hands” Retreats

Having completed one of our firm’s quarterly “all hands” retreats, I want to express my gratitude. Everyone contributed, and everyone obviously cares about what we are doing. Jessica West is completing a major case organization and tracking project. Ruston Imming jumped in, offering to work with Jessica to really make it happen. Terry McGrath clearly,…

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Cyndi Hitsman, Hlg’s Advanced Specialist In Esi/e-discovery

Cyndi Hitsman is Herring Law Group’s Certified Paralegal.  She has worked in the legal field since 1987, and has held her Certified Paralegal designation since 2001.  She has an Advanced Paralegal Certificate in Discovery from the National Association of Legal Assistants.  Fewer than 65 California paralegals enjoy this distinction. Her areas of emphasis are document…

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AAML Second Annual TBS Seminar

Our Southern California Chapter of the AAML presented the second annual Trial Basics Seminar on April 15, 2016 in Orange County. The TBS is aimed at less experienced family law lawyers. We present this to reach out to our community, improve the skills of less-experienced family law lawyers and give back to our profession. We…

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