HLG provides divorce coaching and parenting coaching by CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, Erin Schaden. Erin, who does not practice law in California, uses distinct tools consistent with our mission of providing concierge service. We are unique among family law firms in offering coaching in-house and in conjunction with our attorneys’ expertise and case management. Erin helps our attorneys and clients better communicate toward setting targets, executing outcomes, and managing personal change.

You need an attorney to usher you through the maelstrom of the legal system, perhaps a therapist to help you pull together wild emotions, and maybe a financial professional to secure your future. A Certified Divorce Coach helps you pull all this together. She can help you remember who you were before all this started. She can keep you focused on who you want to be.

“The whole of my professional and personal experience has led me to this place where my passions (making connections, encouraging recoveries, and facilitating relationships), values (integrity, kindness, and loyalty), skills (writing and judgment), and strengths (empathy, energy, and equanimity) have coalesced into one path: helping others proceed through family law disputes with grace and dignity. How may I be of service?!

Attorneys navigate the legal system. Therapists assist managing wild emotions. Financial advisors advise toward economic security. A CDC Certified Divorce Coach® is a strategic thinking partner who helps pull all this together.

“I am someone to assist you in remembering who you were before your case started and focusing on who you want to be.”

Book a Complimentary Session
I offer a complimentary 15 minute session to see if coaching with me seems like a good fit for both of us. Please reach out to me at Look forward to being of service!