Gregory W. Herring


Greg is certified as a Family Law Specialist by the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (; and of the International Academy of Family Lawyers ( The AAML’s Southern California Chapter named him Family Law Person of the Year in 2018. He has the highest possible ratings for both skill and ethics, “AV Preeminent,” from Martindale-Hubbell’s Peer Review Ratings. He has been annually listed as a Southern California “Superlawyer” since 2007 and one of “Southern California’s Best Lawyers” since 2008.

With his broad litigation background in state, federal, bankruptcy and appellate courts, Greg routinely handles and consults regarding complex business, property, income, custody/parenting and other issues in the family law environment.

He regularly writes about family law and teaches it across the state. His articles and blogs are at Greg routinely serves on family law panels with various experts and judicial officers. He has been retained as an expert in multiple family law professional standards cases in different counties.

Out of the office and courtroom, Greg is a family man with outdoor interests including beekeeping, fly fishing and surfing. He is the proprietor of Herring Beer Farm, where he grows hops and brews a variety of ales. Stories about his work/life balance have been featured in the Los Angeles Times and Coastal Living magazine.


Bar/Court Admissions:

  • Second Judicial Circuit Court of the Commonwealth of Virginia, 2014 (pro hac vice).
  • United States District Court, for the Eastern District of California, 1996.
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, 1990.
  • United States District Court for the Central District of California, 1990.
  • State Bar of California, 1989.


  • D., University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, 1989.
  • A., University of California, Davis, Political Science, 1986.


  • Principal of Herring Law Group (2015-present).
  • Attorney/18-year partner, Ferguson Case Orr Paterson LLP (Ventura, California) (1993-2014).
  • Attorney/litigator: Lord, Bissell & Brook (Chicago and Los Angeles offices) (1989-1992).

Professional Associations and Distinctions:

  • “Female Friendly Law Firm” award (2019), presented by Santa Barbara Women Lawyers (inaugural annual award).
  • “Leadership in Excellence” award (2019), presented by Casa Serena of Santa Barbara.
  • “Family Law Person of the Year” award (2018), presented by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Southern California Chapter.
  • Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers (2010-present).
  • “AV Preeminent” rating; Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings (2008-present).
  • Named as a “Southern California Best Lawyer” (2008-present).
  • Named as a Southern California “Super Lawyer” (2007-present) (“Top 100” Southern California Lawyers in 2007).
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Southern California Chapter (2005-present: President (2013-2014); Board Member (2019 – present; 2009-2016); Dean of the Chapter’s annual Trial Basics Seminar (2014-present); Dean of the Chapter’s 2023 and 2010 Institutes of Family Law Trial Advocacy.
  • Member of the California Association of Certified Family Law Specialists (2004-present); Member of Appellate Amicus Committee (2020 – present).
  • Certified Specialist in Family Law, certified by the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California (2004 – present).
  • Ongoing Member of the California, Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Luis Obispo, and Los Angeles County Bar Associations; (Former Member of the Board and Officer of the VCBA’s Family Law Section).
  • Former Chair, Vice-chair, Advisor and Member of the Executive Committee of the Family Law Section of the California State Bar (“FLEXCOM”) (2000-2005).
  • Former Editor and Assistant Editor of the California State Bar’s family law periodical, Family Law News (2001-2003).
  • Former Family Law Editor of the Ventura County Bar Association’s periodical, Citations.

Published Family Law Articles:

  • The Further Expansion – and Assertion of “Guardrails” to — California’s Notions of “Domestic Violence” in Family Law (ACFLS Family Law Specialist; various county bar association periodicals).
  • “The Legislature Tightens DV/Custody Crossover Procedures in “Recommending” Jurisdictions Like Ventura County” (various county bar association periodicals, 2020).
  • “Trust but Securitize” (ACFLS Family Law Specialist, summer 2020, No. 3; various county bar association periodicals).
  • “The Forum Non Conveniens Defense in Family Law Litigation” (ACFLS Family Law Specialist, fall 2019, No. 4; Santa Barbara Lawyer, August 2019).
  • “Through AB 2044, The Legislature Enhances Child Custody Protections in Cases Involving Domestic Violence”
  • “Advise Your Clients Now about New Family Law Considerations under the 2018 Tax Law” (various county bar association periodicals, September 2018).
  • “Ethical and other Issues Concerning Technology and Your Law Practice” (AAML National Newsletter, February 2018; various county bar association periodicals).
  • “Mediation Twenty Years Later: A Cautionary Story and Proposed Reforms” (ACFLS Family Law Specialist, winter 2017, No.1; with Cassandra T. Glanville, Esq.).
  • “`Disruptive Change’ Needed Toward E-Discovery Competence” (AAML National Newsletter, July 2016; Santa Barbara Lawyer, October 2016).
  • “The State Bar Issues Welcome ESI/E-Discovery Guidelines” (Citations, August 2015).
  • Marriage of WinternitzReminds that Experts Require Active Handling” (Citations, July 2015).
  • “2014 State of the Family Courts” (Citations, November 2014).
  • “The Fair Treatment of ‘Out Spouses’ in “Family Business Buy-outs” (Citations, September 2014).
  • “Separated Under the Same Roof? Marriage of Davis Eases the Transition” (Citations, January 2014).
  • “Personal Information, Privacy and Related Concerns” (Citations, February 2013).
  • Can a California FLARPL be avoided by a Debtor in Bankruptcy? (Citations, 2011).
  • “When ‘Guideline’ Child Support is Too Much: Extraordinary High Earners and ‘The Dick Wolf Exception’”(Citations, November 2010) (Family Law News, 2010).
  • “Who Gets the Baby? (The Family Business that is!)”(Citations, August 2010).
  • “The Perils of Serving as Mediation Counsel following Porter v. Wyner”(Citations, June 2010).
  • “Top Family Law Legislation Cases of 2009″(Citations, March 2010).
  • “Jamie McCourt, Meet Jill Friedman: Post-marital Agreements and the Dodgers”(Citations, December 2009).
  • “Extortion – Free Attorneys’ Liens in Family Law Cases”(Citations, September 2009, assisted by Bret G. Anderson, Esq.).
  • “There ought to be a Law… or Not (the legislative process and AB612 re: “Parental Alienation Syndrome”)(Citations, June 2009).
  • ElkinsRedux” (Citations, April 2009).
  • “Top Family Law Legislation for 2009″(Citations, February 2009).
  • “In Elkins v. Superior Court, The California Supreme Court Demands Due Process And Justice, Not Just Expediency, In The Family Law Courts” (Citations, 2007).
  • “Transmutation Landmine: Marriage of Starkman’sQuestionable Application of the MacDonald Test and Failure to Acknowledge the Possibility of “Estate Planning Transmutations” under Federal Tax Law” (Family Law News, 2006).
  • “What Words Don’t You Understand – – Fiduciary or Duty? In Amending Family Code Section 721, The Legislature Gives Unhappy Couples One More Thing to Fight About” (Family Law News, 2002, co-authored with Peter M. Walzer, Esq.).
  • “What Every Attorney Should Know about Newly Amended Family Code Section 721″ (Citations, 2002).

Family Law Presentations:

  • Presenter, “A Litigator’s Perspective in Working with Minor’s Counsel,” and “Working with Expert Witnesses” (San Luis Obispo County Bar Association’s Minors’ Counsel Training Seminar, March 2021).
  • Moderator, “From the Eyes of Judges,” (with the Hon. Lawrence Riff, the Hon. Margo Lewis Hoy, and the Hon. Theresa Traber) (AAML Southern California Chapter Annual Institute of Trial Advocacy, January 2020).
  • Co-presenter, “How to Present Statistics to Explain Your Case” (with Ronald S. Granberg and Andrew L. Hunt, CPA) (AAML Southern California Chapter Annual Institute of Trial Advocacy, January 2019).
  • Presenter, “Ethical and other Issues Concerning Technology and Your Law Practice,” (Santa Barbara Paralegal Association, Annual Meeting, January 2018).
  • Presenter, “Confidential Information and the Ethics of Technology in the Law Office” (Santa Barbara Legal Professionals Association, Learning at Lunch event, July 2017).
  • Presenter, Motions in Limine, “Expert Witnesses,” and “Post-Trial Motions” (AAML Sothern California Chapter’s Trial Basic Seminar, April 2017).
  • Presenter, “Discovery Including ESI/E-Discovery in Family Law” (2017 Santa Barbara County Bench & Bar Conference).
  • Co-presenter, “Discovery Strategy” (with Judge Reva Goetz, Ret.) (Southwestern Law School’s “Signing on the Dotted Line” MCLE event, June 2016).
  • Presenter, “Expert Witnesses,” “ESI/E-discovery” and “Post-hearing and Trial Motions” (AAML Southern California Chapter’s Trial Basics Seminar, April 2016).
  • Presenter, “Working with Expert Witnesses” (Santa Barbara County Paralegal Association MCLE Conference, September 2015).
  • Presenter, “Expert Witnesses,” “Protecting the Record/Statements of Decision” and “Post-hearing and Trial Motions” (AAML Southern California Chapter’s Trial Basics Seminar, April 2015).
  • Co-presenter, “The Practical and Productive Use of Forensic Accountants”(with Jack Zuckerman) (California State Bar webinar, December 2014).
  • Co-presenter, “Confidential Information and the Ethics of Technology in the Law Office” (with Gordon Cruse and Kenneth Raggio) (AAML Webinar, April 2014).
  • Presenter, “Deconstructing Real Property Appraisals”(Southern California Chapter of the AAML, Institute of Trial Advocacy, January 2014).
  • Presenter, “Trust, But Securitize” (Northern California Chapter of the AAML, 36th Annual Symposium, May 2012).
  • Co-presenter, “How to Try A Family Law Case to Win the Appeal” (with Wendy Lascher, Esq.) (Pasadena Bar Association Program, February 2012).
  • Panelist, “Get Back to Work: A Guide to Effectively Using and Opposing Vocational Evaluations” (with the Honorable William Q. Liebmann and Ann Wallace Ph.D., CRC, CLCP, LMFT, ABVE) (Ventura County Family Law Bar Association, April 2011).
  • Panelist, “Ditching the Dissomaster in High Wage Earner Cases” (with the Honorable Thomas T. Lewis and Jack Zuckerman, C.P.A.) (Beverly Hills Bar Association’s 36th Annual Family Law Symposium, November 2010).
  • Presenter, “Deviation from Guideline Support: Extraordinary High Earners and ‘the Dick Wolf Exception’” (Pasadena Bar Association Program, September 2010).
  • Presenter, “Child Custody Move-aways” (Ventura County Bar Association, Volunteer Lawyers Services Program, July 2010).
  • Moderator, “Protecting the Appellate record at Hearings and Trial” (Southern California Chapter of the AAML, Institute of Trial Advocacy, January 2008).
  • Panelist, “Gift Giving/Transmutation” program (Southern California Chapter of the AAML, 2007 Retreat).
  • Panelist, “Fundamentals of Family Law Practice” (California State Bar/Continuing Education of the Bar program in Los Angeles, April 2006).
  • Presenter, “Striving for Full Accountings: The Productive Use of Forensic Accountants in Family Law Cases” (CPA Law Society of Ventura County, 2002).

Family Law Writs and Appeals:

  • Hagans v. Hagans (2022 – ____) (with Ruston T. Imming and Claudia Ribet) Challenge of post-judgment custody orders involving international and interstate “move-away” issues.
  • Marriage of Steed (2019-2020) (with Ruston T. Imming and Garrett C. Dailey) Defense of judgment/Counter-appeal concerning post-marital agreement.
  • Griffin v. Griffin (2016) (with Vanessa Kirker Wright) Successful defense of pendente litecustody orders.
  • Faigin v. Faigin (2015) (with Vanessa Kirker Wright) Challenge of post-judgment orders re payment of children’s educational costs.
  • Marriage of Richards (2014) (with Wendy C. Lascher) Challenge of support orders, and related discovery and sanctions rulings.
  • Marriageof Baron (2013) (with Wendy C. Lascher) Challenge of judgment regarding spousal support and life insurance issues.
  • Marriage of Hofer(2012, 208 Cal App.4th 454 (rev. den.)) (with Wendy C. Lascher) Challenge of discovery orders and related fees award.
  • Wolf v. Wolf(2009) (with Wendy C. Lascher) Challenge of financial information production orders involving “extraordinarily high earner” for child support purposes.
  • Marriage of James(2008) Multiple post-judgment issues.
  • Lisman v. Lisman(2008) Multiple pre-trial
  • Marriage of Starkman (2005, 129 Cal.App.4th 659 (rev. den.)) (with Sandra M. Robertson) Challenge of judgment prohibiting “estate planning transmutations.”

Community Involvement:

  • Member of the Santa Barbara Club.
  • Lifetime Contributor, AAML Foundation
  • Inductee, Paradise High School “Den of Fame” (inaugural class, 2017).
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of Monica Ros School, (2013-2016).
  • Founder and Former Chair of the Ojai Valley Library Foundation.
  • Board Member of the Ventura Family YMCA, (1995-1997).
  • Board Member of the Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce, (1995-1997).
  • Volunteer, Los Angeles County Bar Association’s “Volunteers in Parole” program for at-risk youths, (1990-1992).



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