Trial Basics Seminar Success!

Our Southern California Chapter of the AAML presented the first annual Trial Basics Seminar on April 10, 2015 in Orange County.  The TBS is aimed at less experienced family law lawyers.  We designed it to (1) Reach out to potential future Fellows, (2) Help educate family law attorneys and (3) Give back to the courts and our family law community.  100 lawyers attended, with nearly that many still on the waiting list.

I was proud to serve as the event’s Dean.  Herring Law Group put in hundreds of hours of work, coordinating speakers, materials, hotel logistics and all communications.  It helped our new firm bond, and we are proud to have “made it happen.”  Ruston and Erin also attended.

My presentations included “Expert Witnesses,” “Protecting the Record/Statements of Decision” and “Post-hearing and Trial Motions.”  Activity evaluations were outstanding, with across-the-board “5 for 5” top ratings.  Comments included, “the practical tips taught were incredible,” “I learned more [about expert witnesses] in 15 minutes than I have in 10 years,” and “the content will be very useful to my own practice in terms of practical tools and approaches.”

Follow-up “break-out” sessions will be held this weekend at various law schools.  HLG looks forward to helping to grow and improve the TBS in years to come.